Moreton All Body Care now offers a variety of podiatry services.

Podiatrists are university trained health professionals specialising in the care of the feet and lower limbs. Podiatry services include regular care of acute and chronic nail conditions including thickened or grown toe nails. Podiatrists can also care for a range of dermatological conditions including callous, corns, warts and heel fissures through the use of specialist tools.

Diabetic foot care and screening is also performed by podiatrists. This includes monitoring of blood supply and nerves in the feet and ongoing care to reduce the likelihood of future complications.

Through a range of techniques including manual therapies, exercises, strapping and orthotics podiatry can also be beneficial to those experiencing a variety of conditions or pain in the feet including:

  • ·         Bunions
  • ·         Tendonitis
  • ·         Heel pain
  • ·         Plantar fasciitis
  • ·         Flat feet
  • ·         Stress fractures
  • ·         Neruomas

A podiatrist will assess and potentially diagnose these conditions after performing a thorough investigation including a physical examination of the feet and lower limbs and a visual analysis of gait.

For more information or to make a booking please call us at Moreton All Body Care (07 3886 9470 or 07 3888 6699) for your podiatry appointments.