Whiplash injury


Physiotherapist Kalina Morriss explains whiplash to a patient

Motor Vehicle Accidents


Being in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or motor bike accident (MBA) can result in various injuries, the most common of which is a whiplash injury. Whiplash can also result from any collision with a fast moving object, such as contact sports.


A whiplash injury occurs when the body undergoes a rapid acceleration-deceleration force that creates inertia (i.e. The head continues moving forward on a stationary body). This force can over stretch soft tissue structures in the neck including ligaments, joint capsules and muscles, resulting in microtears and an associated inflammatory response. In some cases the onset of symptoms can arise multiple days after the incident, despite no pain being felt during or immediately after the initial impact. Common symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Pain
  • Limited neck range of movement
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness


If you have experienced whiplash or any of the above symptoms, it can be vital to see your physiotherapist to help prevent/reduce ongoing complications. Our physiotherapists at Moreton All Body Care are able to assess the severity your injury (refer onward or for scans if necessary) and provide an individually tailored treatment program. Treatment techniques may consist of:

  • Education regarding your condition and best management
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Posture retraining or correction
  • Neck stabilisation exercises (e.g. motor control)
  • Strengthening or stretching exercises
  • Electrotherapy modalities (ultrasound)
  • Heat or cold therapy


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