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Pilates is a whole body workout, isolating muscles that you don’t even know that you have. Pilates is excellent for managing lower back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints. Pilates focuses on some core principles; relaxation, concentration, alignment, centreing, breathing, co-ordination, flowing movements and stamina. Moreton All Body Care offers two (2) types of Pilates classes that are afforable and instructed by both our Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists. Alterations to exercises can be made for individuals if necessary.

Matwork – As the name suggests, this Pilates is purely completed on the mat. Matwork Pilates is usually suggested to attend before Reformer Pilates as the exercises are more isolated and require less co ordination. The mat work Pilates focuses on activation of the ‘core,’ breathing and maintaining a neutral spine to ensure optimal results. The activation of the ‘core’ is encouraged while individuals perform dynamic exercises, such as gluteal bridges on their mat. This allows both the ‘core’ strength development and important muscles for lower back pain management to strengthen. Matwork Pilates offers a relaxation component.

Reformer – The reformer Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who wanted a challenge for his muscles – and that it is! The same principles exist for this Pilates – ‘core’ activation and strength development. This is achieved by movements using a carriage (feel free to come in and have a look!) and resistance of springs.

Basic Reformer Class

Moreton All Body Care offers a class focusing on the background of Pilates and education of the muscles used. The basic ‘set up’ of the body on the reformer carriage is explained and demonstrated.

The participants have an introduction to the basic exercises of the reformer by performing them themselves with correct body position. The Accredited Exercise Physiologist will then discuss with the individual about which Pilates may suit them better (e.g. Matwork or reformer) and the individual is then invited to engage in formal classes if interested.

Pilates and exercise class information
(Current as of March 2017)

Reformer classes – maximum of 7 participants
Mat Work classes – maximum of 12 participants

All classes will be ongoing, and we welcome people new to Pilates at any time. Please book and pay for an 8 week block to ensure your regular spot, or book a casual place up to a week in advance.

We will be offering a number of different options for payment, depending on the type of classes you wish to do and how often you want to do them.

Mat Work Only $80 per 8 week block, $15 casual rate
Reformer Only $120 per 8 week block, $20 casual rate
Reformer & Mat Work (1 of each class per week) $175 per 8 week block
Reformer and up to 2 self directed sessions per week $160 per 8 week block
Balance Class $10 per class
Lower Limb Strengthening $10 per class
Self directed equipment session $10 per session
Individual program development $60
Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab $140 per 8 week block (2 sessions/wk + 4 Education Sessions + Initial + post screen) (Initial appointment must book with EP before start)
Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab $80 per 8 week block (2 sessions/wk)


Pilates Reformer class

Pilates Reformer class

Pilates Matwork class

Pilates Matwork class









Most private health funds will pay a benefit for these classes.

Bookings are essential for all classes and payment will be required before the commencement of each 8 week block. If unable to attend, make up classes will only be allowed if there are available spaces in classes that week.

Additional classes may be added as required.

Private classes can be booked and will cater for between 1 – 4 participants. The cost of private classes is $60/class.

Those wishing to participate in self directed equipment sessions must have an individual program developed prior to commencing.

For our current timetable, packages and payment plans click here to download a copy.