Exercise Physiology

Individual appointments with a new client start with an initial consultation. During this consult the exercise physiologist (EP) will ask all the relevant questions they need to understand your reason for attending the appointment, your condition/s and your personal goals. The EP will also take some baseline measurements, for example: blood pressure, height, weight, and joint range of motion. These measurements will be dependent on what you present with during the appointment. You will leave with an individualised exercise program to begin performing at home, which will be formed according to your goals. Demonstrations of every exercise are provided to teach posture, correct technique and assess appropriateness of exercise.

Follow-up appointments consist of a review of your exercise program and the EP will then decide whether you can progress to more higher-level exercises in your return to normal/improved function. The clinic contains all the equipment necessary to perform a client’s exercise program but most programs will be completed at home between appointments with the EP.